We all want to create a healthy environment for our growing families. When you become a parent for the first time, you find yourself on a learning curve. Taking care of a newborn is difficult and exhausting, but beyond that, there is A LOT of scrambling to find the best techniques and strategies with how to deal with your growing child.

When we don’t necessarily know the answers to questions that come up, we research and hope to find the right solution for our families. If we can’t find what we need, we turn to what we know, and that is how we were raised.

Parenting styles

When we use the parenting styles that we were raised with, we may be more strict which can result in our children feeling frustrated and unheard. Emotional or physical punishment undermines the lessons we want to teach our children and can cause more behavioral problems.

Parenting is a difficult journey, that is greatly rewarded by Allah swt when done well. The challenges that our children face today are very different from what we experienced ourselves.

Prophet Muhammad’s technique

RasulAllah (pbuh) raised children using techniques that are now recognized as ‘Positive Parenting Strategies,’ that encouraged respectful communication with children, teaching them not only what is right and wrong, but also the reasons behind it in an emotionally healthy way. He taught us to empower our children toward self-control.

How we can help

Halal Parenting was created out of a desire to break this cycle and be a trusted resource for today’s Muslim parents.

On social media, we provide tips and strategies for some common parenting struggles, and our magazine is designed to cover topics for every stage of parenting, giving you practical tips and ideas that are rooted in the sunnah of the prophet Muhammad (pbuh).

When you know better, you do better. Our mission is to help break down different parenting situations and give you the best sunnah-based tools that have been proven to work, and give your family the best chance to be healthy and strong, Insh’Allah.