Positive Discipline Workshops

The Sunnah of Parenting


Rasul’Allah (pbuh) NEVER hit children to discipline them. Instead, he (pbuh) corrected briefly, encouraged respectful communication with children, teaching them not only what is right and wrong, but also the reasons behind it. He (pbuh) taught us to empower our children towards self-control.

Positive Discipline

Positive Discipline teaches us to raise our children without physical or emotional punishment, and how to be both kind and firm at the same time. We learn tools that help teach our children how to self-regulate. Mutual respect is a core theme that runs through this parenting style, gently reminding us of our connection to Rasul’Allah (pbuh).

What You’ll Learn


Alternatives to rewards and punishments that both work and teach long-term life skills


How to stay cool in the face of really irritating behavior


What every child needs for intrinsically motivated co-operation


Simple and effective tools to reduce defiance, tantrums, back talk, sibling rivalry & other challenging behaviors.


What it looks and sounds like to parent with kindness and firmness at the same time


Specific words you can use to foster resilience and a “growth mindset” in your children

live weekly workshop

Peaceful Parents, Cooperative Kids

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Sessions are held live on Thursdays at 10am to 11:30pm Pacific Standard Time.
6-week course. Learn the above concepts through interactive role-playing and discussion.


Fall, 2024

Online video course

Parenting the Positive Discipline Way

Lifetime access. Watch and review unlimited number of times. 6 modules, covering the same key concepts as the live class with bite-sized videos,  downloadable resources, and module quizzes to support your learning.

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Frequently Asked Questions


What is the cancellation policy?

This workshop is non-refundable for both the live workshop and online video course.


What if I'm only interested in one or two sessions for the live workshop?

The workshops are one unit and we do not open them up for individual sessions. Each module builds on the previous one, so to really benefit from the teachings and lessons that we provide, it is important that you attend all six workshops.


Can my spouse and I register as one person for the live workshop?

If both of you would to participate in the workshop (which we do highly recommend for the sake of unity between the parents/caregivers), you have the option of registering for a workshop and sharing class time, including discussions and roleplay and working from the same workbook, or registering separately in the same or different workshops. If you are interested in enrolling separately, please reach out to us at workshops@halalparenting.com and we will apply a 50% spouse discount.


Will I receive any handouts or materials during the workshop?

You will receive digital handouts and materials as they pertain to your learning in the workshop and the lessons we teach. We also highly recommend that you purchase and read Positive Discipline as this forms the basis for our workshop lessons. This also serves as a valuable reference for you going forward.


How and when will the live workshops be conducted?

The workshops will be held via Zoom, and will be led by Gulnaz Ahsan, a Certified Positive Discipline Parent Educator. Sessions will be held at the times stated above, Pacific Standard Time, and will last 90 minutes each. This is an interactive workshop, so you will need to have a working webcam (turned on) and microphone during the length of each session.


Will the live sessions be recorded?

To protect the privacy of the group, we will not be recording any of the sessions. In the event that you miss a session, please reach out to Sr. Gulnaz Ahsan.


How many people will be in the live class?

For maximum effectiveness, we are limiting class size to 20 participants. Once classes reach capacity, you will be placed on a wait list and will be prioritized for future workshops.


Can I raise my own parenting issues in the class?

In each session, we include time for problem solving for real issues that parents in the workshop have, and we will invite you to share so we can work together to apply the rules that we have learned so far to help each other. There are skills that you will learn that you can apply to many different situations that come up within your own family.  Please note that all personal information that is shared in these workshops is confidential and we stress privacy and respect of our members at all times.