Volunteering – The Ultimate Family Activity

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The month of Ramadan involves a lot of togetherness as a family. Waking up for Suhoor together, praying together, breaking the fast at iftaar and attending Taraawih prayers. The weekends become filled with iftaar events with friends or at the masjid. However it’s important to remember that there are many other things that we should try to do during this month such as volunteering.

In a tradition related by Salman concerning the virtue of the month of Ramadan, the Prophet (pbuh) said:

“Anyone performing a voluntary good deed during it, it is like one performing an obligatory good deed at another time, and anyone who does an obligatory act during it, it is as if he has done seventy obligatory acts at another time.”

Anas, may God be pleased with him, mentioned:

The Prophet (pbuh) was asked, ‘Which type of charity is best?’ He responded, ‘Charity done during Ramadan.’

Those who can do good deeds in this month will be blessed with doing such deeds all year round. Consider doing acts of charity to people of all faiths – teaching your children to be good to all people, irrespective of their beliefs.

This is not only a valuable teaching moment for your children, who learn to overlook labels and start to really see and appreciate humanity, but it also serves as an opportunity for dawah and shines a light on the teachings of Islam.

Involving your family with churches, synagogues and non-religious organizations in a helping and caring capacity throughout the year, can help to break down barriers and show your kids how to integrate into society with respect and humility while maintaining their deen.

Imam Al-Nawawi(RA) said in the book of Al-Azkar:

‘It is strongly recommended for Muslims to visit the pious people, the brethren, the neighbors, friends and relatives, and to be generous, kind, and obliging to them. You as a Muslim should demonstrate to all people the goodness of Islam with your gentle manners and kind behavior.”


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Volunteer with your family

Volunteering to help others can have a positive effect on kids, including:

  • Increased compassion and empathy
  • Understanding that helping others is important
  • The feeling of happiness and joy that comes from helping somebody
  • Learning new skills
  • Added responsibility and feeling capable
  • Becoming more selfless.


Try these volunteering activities together as a family, especially during the month of Ramadan:

Sign up

to help out at your local food bank. They often welcome volunteers to help sort and organize the food.


a drive at your kid’s school or your local masjid to collect items to donate. For example, collect food items and drop them off at a local food pantry.


with a local interfaith organization or soup kitchen and volunteer to prepare a meal.


a few iftar boxes and include a short note about Ramadan and deliver one to each of your neighbors.


toys and games that are in good condition but no longer played with at home and deliver them to a local children’s hospital.


a hospice or senior center and spend time with some of the people you meet there. Having a caring visitor stop by can make the day of someone who is alone.


animal treats to your local shelter and let your kids play with some of the animals.


Each day brings with it an opportunity to do good to others by offering your time and volunteering to help out. Encourage your children to practice kindness with all around them. Even the smallest things count, such as smiling, holding a door open for someone, or leaving a generous tip. They are all sadaqah.

Including your kids in sadaqah-based activities together as a family gives your children the gift of empathy and the understanding that they have the power to cheer someone up and make a difference in the world.