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7 Things That Make Sibling Rivalry Worse

Sibling rivalry, that is, jealousy, competition and fighting between brothers and sisters is a big concern for almost all parents of two or more children.  If you’ve tried EVERYTHING to get your kids to stop fighting, and they’re still going at it,  have you stopped to consider that you might be jeopardizing the relationship of your kids? 

Here are 7 things to be aware of:

Making everything a competition

Resist the urge to make your kids compete like “Who can clean up the toys the fastest?” Try saying, “Do you think you can both pick up your toys in less than 5 minutes?” They still enjoy the challenge but this way they are encouraged to work together instead of against each other.

Comparing one sibling with the other

Saying something like “why can’t you sit and eat quietly like your sister?” might seem harmless, but those kinds of statements can create resentment in a child towards their siblings, which leads to even more sibling rivalry.

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