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How do I subscribe?

Click on the link above to become a VIP member. Once your payment is approved, you will have access to the VIP Portal and be able to read all past and current issues of Halal Parenting magazine.

What if I’m only interested in one or two issues?

Each issue is available for individual purchase. You will receive the magazine in a pdf format upon purchase. Subscribers view the magazines in a flip-book format.

When will I receive my first issue?

Subscribers will be able to login to the VIP portal to gain access to all issues of Halal Parenting Magazine. All new issues and special issues will be accessible in this portal.

What is the format of the magazine?

Halal Parenting magazine is digital only at this time, and can be read in a flip book format.

How many issues will I receive per year?

Halal Parenting magazine releases 4 issues per year. Any special issues or supplements will also be included with your VIP membership. Without membership, these special issues will be available for individual purchase.

I live outside of the United States. Can I still subscribe to the magazine?

Yes. Your credit card company will charge you in your local currency. 

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