When your kids fight, how do you respond?

Parenting can be mundane and very repetitive. Children thrive on routines, so we may find ourselves bogged down in the daily chores that we have to do with them. Taking care of their physical needs (eating, bathing, sports, and activities), their academic needs (homework), and their spiritual needs (salah, Qur’an) is time-consuming and exhausting, and there’s often little left for ourselves.

We focus so much on preparing our children for the future that we forget to let them live in the present. Try to take a step back and understand that these days are limited – the days seem long but the years are short.

Think back to when you used to laugh more, and challenge yourself to bring that back into your life. Finding something that is hilariously funny for you and your children can help turn even the worst day into a joyous moment.

Laughing together with your kids not only creates fond memories for them later in life, but it also helps heal some of the daily rifts that tend to occur between parents and children.

Look for the humor, and you’ll feel lighter and more connected to your kids insh’Allah.

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